The Management Consultancy Division is well equipped to offer services basically in human resources management; organization structures and business planning as broken down further below to the specific areas in which we are able to offer assistance.

Human Resources Management

  • Preparation of Scheme of Service
  • Job Description/Specification
  • Job Evaluation and Grading
  • Staff Regulations
  • Executive Selection and Search
  • Incentive Scheme
  • Staff Performance Appraisal System
  • Salary Structure
  • Training Programmes
  • Human Resource Plans
  • Redundancy Plans

Organization Structure

  • Organizational Manual
  • Defining structure set-up
  • Defining type of personnel required

Business Planning

  • Corporate Plans (preparation and deployment)
  • Management Information Systems

Our working philosophy and style match the needs of our clients’ businesses and contribute to long-term client relationships:

  • We work in small and large teams using highly experienced professionals to provide the best value to our clients.
  • We focus on the high-priority items very early on, keeping the project focused on timely realization of benefits.
  • We dont just make recommendations; we roll up our sleeves and help implement them, ensuring that our clients see tangible improvements in their business.
  • When needed, our reports are action-oriented; a report that sits on a shelf is of no value unless it leads to results.

If this is the way you like to work, we should work well and achieve great results together. All of our services can be adapted to assist all types of our clients and service-oriented businesses.