Tax Consultancy Unit is capable of offering various tax Consulting Services to our clients as detailed below;

1. Compliance of all tax matters

The Firm provides the following services relating to tax compliances issues to our clients;

· Providing advices concerning any tax issue which our clients seek for or which the Firm thinks necessary to comply with to avoid unnecessary interest, penalties and fines.

· Preparation of Statement of Estimated/ Revised Estimate of Tax Payable by instalments on behalf of our client as per section 89 of Income Tax Act, (CAP 332 as revised).

· Preparation of Final Return of Income as provided under section 91 of Income Tax Act (CAP 332 as revised).

· Checking the Correctness and Computation of VAT returns (Output and Input Tax) before remitting to TRA (as per VAT Act of 2014).

· Checking the Correctness of remittances of Other Taxes including Skills and Development Levy (SDL), Pay As You Earn (PAYE) etc.

· Attending various meeting with our clients and TRA on tax issues arising during particular year of income or previous years.

· Representing our clients on issues related to taxes in TRA discussions after tax audits.


2. Delivery of Work

· The Unit is capable of providing timely, cost effective and value added consulting services to our clients.

· Ability to meet our clients’ expectations and set deadlines.